Anne Wiser

COVID-19 Response

I am offering telehealth only using a HIPAA-compliant video platform. Clients must be in the state of Iowa during sessions. The only health insurance I am accepting is Blue Cross Blue Shield.

About me

I am a clinical social worker licensed to provide mental health services. I obtained my masters of social work from The University of Iowa in 2011. Prior to this, I obtained a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Colorado and as such, conducted brain research. My knowledge of how the brain functions guides my psychotherapy practice.I provide mental health counseling to individual adults with a variety of diagnoses or combinations of diagnoses. I have experience helping people resolve various issues, including depression, anxiety, unstable mood, low self-esteem, trauma & abuse including PTSD, and relationship issues, among others.

The main treatment approaches I use are:
*EMDR. More info about it here: As you will see it’s not only used for trauma. It can be used for all sorts of issues and diagnoses. For example, EMDR is quite effective at changing negative thoughts such as “I’m not good enough” and it can also be used to treat chronic pain

With compassion and in a non-judging atmosphere, I partner with you to help you develop your personal wisdom and achieve the changes you aspire to.